Eleuthera – A Paddlers Paradise

If you’ve travelled to the Bahamas, chances are you’ve ended up on one of the crowded beaches of Nassau or Grand Bahama. Sure, these islands both offer pristine beaches and an active nightlife. But what about the lesser known, more ideal Bahamian islands.

That’s right. It gets better than the overcrowded Atlantis Resort. I’m talking about Eleuthera, an island only 50 miles west of Nassau. The island is about 110 miles long (from north to south) and barely even a mile across. So what makes Eleuthera the ideal spot? The options.

Whether you like SUP surfing, touring, or both, Eleuthera can offer each in abundance. The west side of the island is a turquoise glass oasis for anybody looking to tour the island or take part in SUP yoga. The west side is essentially the opposite with perfect breaking waves for anybody that wants to surf their board around the darker Atlantic waters. So if you’re lucky enough to go to this exclusive paradise, here are the spots to check out.

The Mangroves:

Eleuthera is known for it’s electric blue waters on the western coast, but if you are interested in wildlife, you may actually enjoy the mangroves more. Since there are no waves, the mangroves are perfect for touring and learning how to SUP! With an abundance of birds, fish, and mammals surrounding the area, even surfers may want to check the area out!

West Shore:

Type “SUP Yoga” into Google images. The photo with the brightest blue water is about what you’ll see on the western shores of Eleuthera. With plenty of flat water, drifting is not an issue at all. Beginners may also find the west shore to be perfect due to the calmness of the water. But sorry surfers, for that same reason, you’ll want to stay on the East Shore.

East Shore: 

The eastern shore of Eleuthera is one of the most underrated surfing spots in the Caribbean (if you count the Bahamas as “Caribbean”). With consistent waves coming in from the Atlantic Ocean, there is no doubt that you’ll find your perfect beach for surfing on the eastern side of the island. And watch out yogis, it may be a bit rough to try SUP yoga on this side of the island. But why not give surfing a shot?

Eleuthera offers an all in one package for anyone looking to paddle board in the tropics. If you’re looking for a break from SUP, the island offers world class fishing, sailing, shopping, and dining. Oh yeah, and the beaches are among the nicest in the world!



Exploring the sea cliffs of Eleuthera by paddle board. @TheCove_Eleuthera in #Bahamas - #SUP #Paradise #Honeymoon #Ocean
Photo: Mike Howard


New providence eleuthera.jpg                    By NASA

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