Sparks Lake Paddle Boarding

Sparks Lake Paddle Boarding with Ryder Redfield. With the road to the Cascade Lakes open for the season, Spark Lake remains a quiet destination for those willing to access the lake via a "secret" passage way. Paul Clark is “the duffel bag paddle boarder” and adventure SUP correspondent based in Bend,

TIDAL BORE – Kai Bates in Papua New Guinea

Watch Kai Bates ripping the river Digul in West Papua New Guinea. An excitement and exploration including a two day plane trip, eight hour car rides and long boat journeys.

SUP Winter Adventure in Norway

Get ready to join an amazing SUP adventure with us! Fanatic riders Kai-Nicolas Steimer and Lena Albrecht went on a unique SUP trip last month: Norway in January at around minus 21°C with three hours daylight per day. But they discovered really special landscapes and spots to explore with their

Bakcountry SUP Expedition: Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska

At the end of September, Michelle Eshpeter and a friend completed the first ever backcountry SUP expedition in Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska. They used inflatable SUPs loaded with camping gear to travel for 4 days, camping on islands along the way. On the 4th day a hired boat took thepair