The Rider And The Storm

With all the destruction that has happened from nature in the past year we thought it would be a good time to show case this short film. A great edit of a community coming together and helping one another and how a simple act of kindness and giving can go

Anthony Vela

Bio: Anthony Vela has been described as a champion, a lifesaver, a motivator, a mentor, a teacher, and an all-around nice guy. The truth is, he is all of the above, and that’s what has made him a true icon in the world of SUP. Coolest of all though, is how


 List all of the major SUP races out there and Danny has likely stood on top of the podium. Danny lives, breathes and bleeds all things paddle sports. Not only does he dominate on the water, but he also owns 404sup and Hippostick producing top-of the-line SUP equipment. Danny competes