Paddle Grip RSPro® Hexa

  RSPro® is proud to announce the new generation of Paddle Grip technology: the Paddle Grip RSPro with HexaTraction technology.RSPro’s HexaTraction® technology, originally developed for board traction, brought to the paddle in the form of an even lighter and thinner grip, on a super thin support to get more grip, without adding

The Power of Choice | NAISH SUP 2017

So the #PPG2016 is over, the tempter is cooling off in the mornings and you might be winding down your SUP season.  As you look at your board and wonder if you should upgrade to a narrower race board, maybe a shorter or longer surfboard or maybe you need another

MY OWN WAY – 2 new addictions to ANOMY SUP collection

SUP creative designs are rocking! After the extreme success of the past season design, namely The way of Conrad Roset, The way of Brosmind and The way of Ricardo Cavolo, Anomy SUP is introducing two brand new awesome inflatable SUP board designs you need to check out.   THE WAY OF HEY STUDIO  If you want to clean your mind,